Coca Cola

Natalie Fisher

Crisis plan 4

20 July 2012

Coca Cola

Background: Coca Cola started out as an experiment in Atlanta Georgia in 1886 by a guy who went by the name of John Pemberton. Mr. Pemberton only sold around 9 glasses a day. Sadly he passed on only 2 years after he invented Coca Cola. After he passes his legion lived on and is now a huge manufacturer for all over the world and is very popular.


Problem: On June 14th 2009 Coca Cola was suspected of “poisonings” in their product in Belgian. Many kids and students were getting ill and saying that there was a discolored substance and odor on the cans. Also people were saying that the Coca Cola in the bottle was discolored and looked funny. This product was making people have physical injuries and many just feeling ill. Belgian pulled Coca Cola off the shelves and many countries followed.


Strengths: Coca Cola has a very strong PR and marketing group and had been in business for so long they have had crisis before. Coca Cola is a very trusted name and had a very strong population that backed up the Coca Cola name.


Weaknesses: As the Coca Cola problem surfaced so did tons of other food contamination in Belgian. Also Coca Cola had to really be careful because of the outrage of Social Media the Coca Cola scandal reached Facebook and other food blogs very fast. There had been word that Coca Cola was being used in India for cheap pesticides which did not make Coca Cola look very good to the public.


Threats: The main threat for this was Coca Colas reputation and making sure that they did not lose all of their stocks. Good thing is that there were no fatalities or any law suits that would bring the company down fast.


Opportunities: Coca Cola had the chance to reach out and show their love for their fans and the public. They had a very good PR group so this was easy for them to reach out and provide feedback and concern for all of their customers.


Strategies: Coca Cola did many strategies. They put out many statements acknowledging the recall and stating that they were deep cleaning all the plants and all the vending machines. They said that it was “off quality” and they were going to work very hard to go back to the simple ingredients and make their product the quality the people deserve. They threw a Belgian Beach party which promoted that Coca Cola was back and still had the same great taste.


Comments: I feel like Coca Cola did a great job at their crisis. They had a great team and they had a plan in order so they knew what to do and when to do it. They still came out on top and looking good selling the great taste everybody loves!




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2 Responses to Coca Cola

  1. karobinson5 says:

    Yes, since Coca-Cola is a huge corporation it has many strengths. These strengths include a great reputation, a crisis plan that includes many prodromes, and an experienced public relations team. These strengths make it possible for Coca-Cola to maintain its place in the global market. By using the Excellence Theory the company showed its public it was aware of the issue and was correcting it. They made sure to follow up and take the necessary steps to correct the problem and most importantly they communicated this information to their public.

  2. danceadams says:

    I think that Coca Cola has shown repeatedly that they have a strong and effective PR team. They work very hard to protect their brand. I wonder if they ever figured out what the real reason behind it was. Thanks to Coke’s PR people, we may never know.

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