Nex-Tech Wireless

 Nex-Tech Wireless

Crisis Communication Plan

Media and Community Crisis Communication for Natural Disaster

3001 N.E.W. Way Hays, Kansas 67601

Created by:

Mandeh Dapoet/Tasha Richmeier/Kylie Morel



Manual Upkeep:

 The CEO or HR manager should assign a person either in the crisis communications team or an executive assistant the job of updating the information in the manual on an ongoing basis as changes are made either amongst managers or other key personnel. Information such as cell phone numbers should automatically be forwarded to the person responsible for updating the manual should be updated often a year to identify any outdated information.

In the case of Nex-Tech Wireless, which is located in a geographic location prone to natural disaster, it is important to update the plan prior to the commencement of such seasons.

Review of the Crisis Plan Manual:

The manual of the crisis plan should be distributed to those leaders and staff in the organization who may be called upon during a crisis situation. Typically this would include;

  • CEO and senior management
  • Board members
  • Crisis communication team leader and staff.

The completed communication plan should be presented and explained at a meeting of the management team. In addition, the entire staff should be informed of the new communications plan that has been developed and that a specific policy / procedure now exist for how to respond to a crisis.

This communication should explain in general terms what kinds of events and issues could constitute a crisis and impress on all staff to the importance of alerting their immediate supervisor to any eventual situation that may pose a risk to the organization.

Plan Review:

This Plan review chart will allow the Crisis Communications team (CCT) to keep track of when changes were made, who made the changes, which approved the revision and any special notes regarding the update. The Crisis Communication team (CCT) will review this plan either monthly, quarterly or bi- yearly basis to check that;

  •  Contact list and information list are current.
  • New initiatives or identified risk are assessed and included.
  • Changes to risk communication policies, practices or procedures are up to date

Plan Instructions- Nex-Tech Wireless will keep a copy of this plan both at office and off-site. A copy of the plan will also be maintained offsite both electronically and in paper format. It is the responsibility of the crisis communications leader (CCTL) to ensure that a copy of the plan is available to each member of the team, other staff and key emergency response partners for use in the event of a crisis. It is also the responsibility of the crisis communication team leader to ensure that the plan is kept up –to –date and that the team members have read the plan and understood the content.

However, communicating before, during and after a crisis is important not only when working with the media, but also with employees, family members and company stakeholders.

Firstly, the spokesperson must recognize and have a comprehensive list of the media, and then proceed by stating that our primary objective here at Nex-Tech Wireless is for the safety of our employees, the communities in which we operate and our esteemed customers who at this point in time have been affected by the unexpected interruption of our service caused by the heavy storm that brought down our network tower located beside the Hays regional airport. We are putting all hands on deck to restore the excellent service that you have helped us build and maintained over the years, we have in place a capable crisis management team that are working with relevant authorities to curtail the situation as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and we will keep you updated as events unfold.

Plan Review Chart

Plan Revision Date Name of Reviser Approved By Notes

Introduction: Nex-Tech Wireless’s Crisis Communications Plan

Why is this plan important?

It is imperative for any company to have a well thought out and prepared Crisis Communications Plan.  Nex-Tech Wireless has a reputable image in the community that we would like to maintain even if faced with a crisis. An effective Crisis Communication Plan will ensure that Nex-Tech Wireless can stay on track with its goal of being a superior nationwide cell phone provider.

What could happen if the plan is not followed?

If the Crisis Communication Plan is not followed in the event of an emergency it is possible that Nex-Tech Wireless could lose its reputation of being an honest, trustworthy, and reliable company.  This in return will prohibit our goal of providing superior cell phone service to customers in a community driven atmosphere.

Had a Crisis Happened to Nex-Tech Wireless before?

Fortunately Nex-Tech Wireless has not been subjected to any previous crisis.  However, preparedness is the key to avoiding, and properly handling any emergency we may encounter in the future.

Has a Crisis Happened to Similar Companies?

Yes.  Cell phone providers, large and small encounter crisis everyday.  It is how the company handles those crisis and emergencies that determine the success of that particular company in any given situation.


By signing this statement, I verify that I have read this crisis communications plan and am prepared to put it into effect if a situation arises.

President and CEO


Director of Network Operations and Engineering


Director of Finance and Operations


Director of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Care


Crisis Management Team:

Johnie Johnson-President & CEO

Karly Rogers- Director of Sales, Marketing & Customer Care

Brian Spurgeon-Director of Finance & Operations

Jeff Kisner- Director of Network Operations & Engineering

Jeff Schumacher-Supply Chain Management Supervisor

Thomas Zimmerman-Customer Care Supervisor

Alicia Hering-Retail Manager

Corrina Hudsonpillar-Marketing and Public Relationships Supervisor

Tasha Richmeier-Marketing Coordinator

Evan Pfannenstiel-IT Specialist

Dorothy Stieben- Agent Manager

Jackie Flemming-  Super Agent Manager

Aaron Gillespie-Carrier Relations Supervisor

Brian Brungardt-Switch Operations Supervisor

Brad Williams-Cell Operations Supervisor

Equipment and Supplies:

  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Flip Charts
  • Highway Maps
  • Street Maps
  • Computers
  • Computer Printers
  • Telephones
  • Cell Phones
  • Cell Phone Chargers
  • Extension Cords
  • Telephone Directories
  • Contact Lists
  • Media Directories
  • Press Kit
  • Crisis Communication Plan
  • Televisions
  • Radios
  • Flashlights
  • Lamps
  • Pens
  • Blankets
  • Food
    • Non-perishable items
    • Beverages
      • Water
      • Gatorade

Statement from Management to Employees:

Cell phones are becoming any essential part to almost everyone’s daily life.  This leaves Nex-Tech Wireless with not only a large opportunity to expand business, but also with a large responsibility to protect our customers, and the company in a time of crisis.

Nex-Tech Wireless is primarily based in western Kansas, which situates us right in the middle of tornado alley.  While tornados are not a common occurrence, they can be devastating if equipment, buildings, and other items are damaged.  Because of these potential dangers it is essential for Nex-Tech Wireless to have a well-devised and practiced Crisis Communications Plan.

Although we have fit this plan to assist in the event of a natural disaster, this plan can be quickly modified to assist with other crisis.  Nex-Tech Wireless has worked diligently for several years to build a superior network as well as provide affordable and cutting edge technology to western Kansas. If this Crisis Communication Plan is not followed in the event of an emergency it could mean dire consequences for the whole Nex-Tech Wireless community.

Nex-Tech Wireless has prided itself on improving the communities where we all live, work and play.  In the event of a crisis it is imperative that we remain calm while restoring service to all of our customers and also offering assistance in the community.

Nex-Tech Wireless Quick Facts:

•Rural Telephone/Nex-Tech formed a partnership with Golden Belt Telephone to create Nex-Tech Wireless: May 10, 2004

•Mutual Telephone joined the Nex-Tech Wireless partnership: March 22, 2005

•Nex-Tech Wireless Chief Executive Officer/General Manager: Johnie Johnson

Current Company Headquarters: 3001 New Way, Hays, KS 67601

Telephone:785-621-3600; 877-621-2600         ( Toll Free)

Fax: 785-621-2599

Employment: Approximately 75 employees in central and western Kansas

•Estimated Annual Payroll of Nex-Tech Wireless Employees: $4.7 million

Nex-Tech Wireless Retail Stores in Hays: 4310 North Vine, 2918 Vine

Nex-Tech Wireless Super Agents:

  • Golden Belt Telephone – 826 Washington, Ellis; 114 West Main, Ness City; 103 Lincoln, Rush Center Rural Telephone – 118 West Main, Hill City; 145 Main Street, Lenora; 1127 Castle Rock Street, Quinter; 137 Main, WaKeeney; 238 East Wichita, Russell; 901 Morgan Avenue, Downs; 221 West Main, Osborne
  • Nex-Tech – 2418 Vine Street, Hays; 117 North Norton, Norton; 770 4th Street, Phillipsburg; 112 South Main, Plainville; 705 North F, Smith Center; 523 Main, Stockton; 3705 10th Street, Great Bend
  • Mutual Telephone Company – 365 Main Street, Little River; LR Communications, 108 East Avenue South, Lyons; 127 South Broadway, Sterling

Nex-Tech Wireless Agents: The Great Outdoors, Atwood; TRW Communications, Hoxie; Ultimate Fertilizer Company, Oberlin; Dennis Wilson Auto Center, Inc., Larned; S&T Telephone Cooperative Association, Dighton; S&T Communications LLC, Colby; S&T Communications LLC, Goodland; S&T Communications LLC, Oakley; Keller Auto, St. Francis; Nancy Baird, Ellinwood; Bruce’s Carpet, Tile, & Appliance, Scott City; Lincoln Grocery, Lincoln; Ellsworth Antique Mall, Ellsworth; Healy Oil Company, Healy; Cheyenne Hardware, Hoisington; Heim TV and Appliance, Hoxie; Carr Auto-Electric, Larned; Cowboyz Video, Goodland; Cooksey Appliance & TV, Quinter; Beringers, Colby; St John Floral, St. John; R&R Communications, Scott City; and Phone Depot, Hays.

Technology Used: CDMA 1XRTT and EVDO Rev A

Biographies of Nex-Tech Wireless CEO & President, and Directors:

Johnie Johnson CEO/General Manager: Johnie brings more than 13 years of wireless experience in operating and managing rural, regional and national wireless companies. He has held positions with U.S. Cellular, Telecorp PCS, SunCom Wireless, AT&T Wireless and Mid- Missouri Cellular.

Jeff Kisner Director of Operations and Engineering: Jeff brings more than 18 years of telecommunications and wireless experience. Prior to joining Nex-Tech Wireless, Jeff held positions with MCI, Kansas Cellular and Alltel.

Karly Rogers Director of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service: Karly brings more than 13 years of wireless experience to the company. Prior to joining Nex-Tech Wireless, Karly held positions with Kansas Cellular and Alltel.

Brian Spurgeon Director of Finance and Operations: Prior to joining Nex-Tech Wireless, Brian was part of the leadership teams for Community Broadband, CASCO Communications and Keith Brown Building Materials. Brian’s management experience spans departments including finance, accounting, operations, IT, customer service and human resources.


In the event of destruction to company property from any natural disaster it is vital to take immediate action to restore service to all of our customers. It is also key to provide accurate information to the media so that our publics may be informed quickly and accurately. By being open and honest we will maintain a close relationship with our customer base and show we truly are passionate about the communities where we live, work, and play.


We will make every effort to:

Set up a central command center for all crisis team personnel to meet and discuss solutions while initiating the crisis communications plan within 2 hours of the incident.

  1. Inform all employees and board members as to the damage, progress, and possible solutions for the situation.
  2. Inform all media outlets in our area within 3 hours of the crisis.
  3. Maintain all contact with media and key publics over the duration of the crisis.
  4. Handle crisis with diligence, openness, and honesty through the entire process.
  5. Evaluate the crisis after it has been resolved so to prevent further incident, or to perfect crisis management plan.


Our marketing and public relationships department will keep updated information on our website.  This will reduce both the number of phone calls from the public and the amount of time we put into crisis recovery.  We will encourage feedback, comments and questions from our publics.  Keeping updated information on our site will alert the public and provide them with responses and explanations.

Blogs & Social Media:

Our marketing and public relations department will update both our Facebook and our Twitter page with information as soon as it is received.  This will prevent confusion and allow us to provide our publics with the necessary information.

Nex-Tech Wireless Facebook Page:!/NexTechWireless

Nex-Tech Wireless Twitter Page:!/NexTechWireless

List of Key Publics: 

It is important to note that when crises occur some key publics are to be informed and can be categorized in this form of importance:

  • Enabling publics which include- board members, shareholders, investors, and key executives
  • Functional publics which includes- employees, unions, suppliers, customers
  • Normative publics- professional organizations and competitors
  • Diffused publics- media, neighbors of physical plant, community groups

Identifying the Media Spokesperson:

The media spokesperson will represent Nex-Tech Wireless and speak on behalf of the company; it could either be the CEO, PR/ media coordinator, HR/Safety division head or the information technology coordinator.  In considering the main spokes person or back-up spokesperson it is good for the company to consider the following:

  • The spokes person must be articulate and accessible throughout the crisis
  • The spokesperson must have the power to make decisions.
  • The spokesperson must be professional, rational, concerned and empathetic during the crisis.

In the event of multiple spokespersons their comments must be the same.  The following key executive will serve as key spokesperson and alternates for Nex-Tech Wireless in a crisis situation:

  • The CEO and President, Johnnie Johnson will be the key media spokesperson.
  • Karly Rogers- Director of Marketing, Sales & Customer Care
  • Corrina Hudsonpillar- Marketing & PR Supervisor

The primary and backup spokespersons contact information should be listed for ease of communication in the case of absence or when vital information is needed urgently.






Johnie JohnsonCEO and President

3001 N.E.W. Way

Karly RogersDirect of Marketing, Sales & Customer Care

3001 N.E.W. Way

Corrina HudsonpillarMarketing & PR Supervisor

3001 N.E.W. Way

The spokespersons should be prepared to answer the who, what, when, where, why, and how questions.

A focus of 3 key messages should be rehearsed by the spokespersons and communicated repeatedly during the interview or press statement.

Useful information regarding company safety / emergency procedures should be handy and on point.

Reporters like attention and recognition, be courteous, show respect and always answer them by their names.

Honesty is important avoid misinformation and exaggerated statements.

Key Messages by the Spokesperson:

Key Message 1:

Most often reporters will call before all the facts have been gathered, in such instance, a simple statement acknowledging the situation is extremely useful.  The short statement should avoid “NO COMMENTS” and acknowledge the need to communicate with the media.

At approximately———(Time) Today———(Date) A ———-(tornado, storm, fire, etc) occurred at the Nex-Tech Wireless administrative location beside the Hays Regional Airport, however our crisis team is working with emergency services and law enforcement personnel are now responding to the scene.

Key Message 2:

Nex-Tech Wireless is a wireless communications company of elevated quality, dedication, compassion and pose to meeting the information technology needs of its esteemed customers.

  • Nex-Tech Wireless has for the past 6 years provided wireless phone services and installations to over 40 counties in western Kansas and eastern Colorado.
  • Our major focus is to provide affordable wireless solutions.  Nex-Tech Wireless utilizes an interdisciplinary team of telecommunications professionals and trained technical staff that address the various needs and challenges expressly tailored towards qualitative communications delivery.

Key Message 3:

As always our major concern is for the safety of our customers, community and our staff, we are currently determining the details of the incident and determining how this might affect our ability to provide services. We will keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Evaluation of the Plan:

During and after the crisis the Nex-Tech Wireless crisis communication team leader (CCTL) will coordinate with the crisis communication team (CCT) to:

 1. Review crisis coverage

• Review media outlets that have inquired about the situation

• Review media within a designated area of the facility (distance depends on the nature of the event)

• Review national and business media

• Conduct regular searches through Internet search sites for key words, such as the name of the incident, people involved, etc.

• In some cases you may want to monitor blogs, comment boards or chat sites to evaluate community/employee concerns and comments. Keep in mind the following when reviewing these sites:

1. Although things should be taken seriously, understand that blogs and comments board can be used simply to “let off steam.”

2. Nex-Tech Wireless or members of the crisis communication team (CCT) should NEVER respond, even anonymously, through a blog or chat site. The only exception is if Nex-Tech Wireless establishes a comment board specifically to address concerns and clearly advertises the site for that purpose. Keep in mind, however, that all communication can be pulled for legal purposes, so all communication through this site, like all media communication, should go through official review/approval procedures before posting.

2. Identify story trends 

• What is the media’s main focus?

• Is the focus changing?

3. Identify public and key stakeholder issues

• What are the major issues being addressed through the media?

• What questions or concerns are being posed?

• Incorporate lessons learned into crisis plan when updating.

• During the crisis and afterward, lessons learned (e.g., what types of information are needed, what approach the media takes to a certain type of story, what the media, public and shareholders are asking, etc.) should be noted to assist in planning and response for future situations.

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9 Responses to Nex-Tech Wireless

  1. kurtcomm642 says:

    I think the section at the top on maintenance, distribution and review of the plan should have come toward or at the end. Something like a crisis communications plan is by its very nature pretty dry reading, and starting out with the disaster itself and what to do would be a way to get into it and sell them from the start on the importance of it. By the end, you have, hopefully, sold the reader on the importance and logic of the plan and then it is much easier to sell them on the importance of making sure the plan is widely disseminated and revised as experience and new information and experience dictates.

    The bios of key personnel are good, but the Crisis Communications Team is not identified. Is it just the designated spokesmen, or the designated spokesmen plus some key support people? The two lists – the designated spokespersons and the list of executives and board members – are not the same. Also, I note that the addresses of the spokespersons are all listed as 3001 New Way, Hays. Do they all live in the Hays area? How about the board members and other executives? If they are scattered across a wider geographical area, I think the plan should take some account of how to make sure they are all contacted.

    The review of crisis coverage is a very well done section. I would pay cash money to have written a section as good as that one.

    Was a crisis inventory conducted? I would think that would be a valuable thing to do. A tornado is obvious in this area, and would surely be at the top of any list, but something less obvious but just as dangerous could come bubbling up from the collective consciousness of a group of people brainstorming about potential crises.

    I think that customers should be at the top of the list of key publics.

    The key statements go into some very good detail.

    This plan, per instructions, follows Appendix C of Chapter 15, but I think it could use one element from Appendix B, which is a section on notification procedure. In a situation like the one posited here, the first people to be aware are likely to be somebody like a lineman or service tech who happens to live in the Hays area, or a customer service rep suddenly getting calls from all over that service is down. Most of the key people would be aware that the storm was imminent and would be following the news fairly closely, but it would not be clear for a while exactly where the primary damage is. There would be a lot of confusion for a while, and for the people on the ground, a guide to what to do, who to call first, would be invaluable, I think, to help get the confusion under control from the very beginning and get the process started in an orderly fashion.

    • rangmoen20 says:

      Thanks Kurt, for your comments and constructive critique, i think we as a group decided to follow this format , the most important thing in a crisis communication plan is the ability to be on the go when a mishap occurs, and we on our own part as a group have provided the most important document to that effect, though you pointed out some important things you felt were not put in accordingly, lest we forget, every organization is distinct and thus the plan cannot rhyme simultaneously as others.

  2. dijiang313 says:

    I like your Introduction part, it is very informative and clearly. I think if you provide the crisis communication team in this crisis communication plan would be better. Identifing the crisis team is very important because it designed to show how an organization might plan to communicate with key publics during a crisis, meanwhile, it includes key talking points and ways of communication.

    • rangmoen20 says:

      Dijiang, thank you for applauding our group plan introduction, i want to correct your comment on the non availability of a crisis team, if you may wish to go back a little bit , you will discover that we did provide a crisis communication management team which is clearly stated and can be located beneath the CEO’s acknowledgement page.

  3. clarkfeng1987 says:

    I also prefer to your introduction part, it is very detailed. It is distinct to describe Nex-Tech Wireless’s Crisis Communications Plan. You guys worked very hard to complete this assignment. I can learn something from your plan.

  4. rangmoen20 says:

    Hi Clark, Thanks for that fantastic applause , we sure did work hard and was generally a learning process that has better increased our collective knowledge as it relates to organizations and how to prepare / counter crisis when it occurs… wish you the best too.

  5. lilly1989 says:

    I think your group really works hard for the Crisis Communication Plan, and I also learn something about Nex-Tech Wireless. One suggestion for your group is that it is good to have a content for this crisis communication plan. I think it is easy for the readers to find what they want to find. For example: after I read this plan, I just can not find the emergency contacts. However, if you have a content, it would be easy for me to find the part.

    • krmorel2 says:

      Lilly, thank you for the comment! We did have a table of contents page at the beginning of the plan but I removed it before I submitted it. We used the dot leader tab and it was all jumbled up and looked very unprofessional! Sorry for the inconvenience!

  6. Keenan says:

    Hello, you post interesting content on your site,
    you deserve much more visitors, just search in google for – augo’s tube traffic

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