Assignment 4_Coca-Cola Case


COMM 642

Assignment 4_Coca-Cola Case



Headquarters of the Coca-Cola Company was set up inAtlanta,Georgia. It is the biggest company which produces soft drink concentrates and syrups in the world. In 1886, the pharmacist John S. Pemberton was inspired by simple curiosity. He combined the carbonated water with soda water. This new drink was something special which some customers were very satisfied. Therefore, this kind of soft drink was coming into the world. In recent year, Coca-Cola Company provides one of the most popular soft drinks to the consumers all over the world. As time goes on, CCC sets up many subsidiaries around the world, for instance, Europe andAsia. In addition, it is said that there are 10,450 people drinking its products in a minute around the world. In other words, its occupancy rate is very high.


In this case, there was a reward program which called My Coke by Coca-Cola Company. This kind of program was a loyalty marketing campaign in order to reward its customers and increase the sale of its products. This campaign started in 2006, and this was a positive measure for Coco-Cola Company. Nevertheless, a frustrated customer found that it was difficult to redeem a prize from a My Coke reward program, and then, this customer posted to Coca-Cola Company. Moreover, there were more than 10,000 followers on Twitter showing this problem on his/her profile. Through this crisis or problem, the products of Coca-Cola had been decreased and influenced its brand and credit.

Situation Analysis:

Through reading this case, My Coke was a good strategy to promote its products and attract more customers to buy its products and the company. What’s more, its force would be more and more observable and remarkable. However, crisis had happened simultaneously so that this campaign had to stop. Next, I will analysis this crisis from the strength, weakness, opportunity and threat.

The strength of Coca-Cola was that it had a long history, and it had a good reputation in the world. Actually, its products had high quality; at the same time, it owned a powerful sale team and creativity. Besides that, there were several crisis for Coca-Cola Company, so it was no doubts it had enough experience to reply and solve these problems and crisis. From the weakness part, it was said that there were more than 10,000 followers showing this crisis. In the whole world, there were millions of customers knowing this crisis or news. It would affect the sale of its products and reputation. Thus, Coca-Cola needed to explain this crisis in order to redeem these frustrated customers. Next, this crisis provided an opportunity to CCC. It extended the effects and reputation in theUnited States, even in the world. Additionally, it offered precious experience for CCC to deal with similar crisis in the future. Finally, its threat was how to face with social media and how to reply the publics. At present, social media was an important channel to tell consumers what happened. It might report the incorrect incident so that made them confused.


       This crisis gave the Coco-Cola Company a warning, it could not unquestioning to implement a measure or strategy to promote its products and attract its large number of consumers.

When this crisis took place, the head of the social media for the company, Adam Brown, posted an apology on the customer’s Twitter profile and provided to assist in getting the prize immediately. This was a positive attitude to deal with this crisis, I think. At the same time, the consumers received the prize.


Even though happening this crisis, it offered an opportunity to show the force of Coca-Cola Company to cope with crisis. Simultaneously, this crisis confirmed that Coca-Cola was a loyal company which could make consumers believe it, satisfy it and buy its products. Moreover, its brand and reputation had been increased.

My comments:

In the modern world, more and more companies focus on crisis management. From this case, we could clearly see how to deal with and reply this crisis by the Coca-Cola Company. We expressly ensure that Coca-Cola Company should reflect much faster so that it shows it is a famous brand enterprise and it is good to increase the force of Coca-Cola. Meanwhile, we should be cautious to dispose some problems. Sometimes, making decisions to customers by us is necessary and important. The company needs to use the most effective strategy to transmit the information to the public when the company suffers a crisis. In addition, social media is also used to tell consumers the facts or messages. It may be a good choice for companies or organizations. Therefore, I will pay more attention to crisis management in my future job.

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