US Airways Case Study Summary


US Airways is a major airline based in the Tempe, Arizona. The CEO of the company is  Doug Parker. The airline is an operating unit of the US Airways Group and is the sixth largest airline by traffic and eight largest by market value in the United State of America. As of December 2008 US Airways employed 33,765 people worldwide and operated 3,130 daily flights.


On January 15th US Airways flight 1549 an Air bus A320 leaving New York’s LaGuardia Airport for charlotte, North Carolina, was down involved at in an accident in New York approximately 3:30pm eastern time. When it ran into flocks of birds and it affected the two engines that are beneath the airplanes wings.


US airways wanted to get things right so they immediately swung into action firstly; an emergency response bridge line was established involving key personnel who were communicating with crew and federal aviation authority. Within 30 minutes of the accident notification a customer dedicated website was put in place for flight 1549 which was the initial primary source for customers and the media, also within 45 minutes the CEO Doug Parker conducted a press briefing. The company utilized every resource it had in collaboration with the corporate communications team, care team and marketing team where all designated to leverage and rapid response to the crisis at hand.


US Airways on January 17, in its efforts to manage the accident judiciously sent a letter to passengers involved in the accident of flight 1549 informing them on the procedure they can claim their baggage and belongings, a check for $5,000 was issued to each passenger and a separate one to reimburse original airfare.

All passengers were offered customer care team services  and also informed that they would be extended chairman’s preferred status, the most prestigious flier level the airline offer to its VIP customers.


The airline was praised by the public on how it handled the situation with rapid response with professionally and dedication to ensuring their customers had the best attention they can get by providing free hotel accommodation warm meals and dry clothing. An article by writer Dean Foster in the Business week (2009) praised the airline for their customer care calling the process “a model of crisis management” also the pilot and entire crew were praised for the professional manner in which they handled and managed the crisis that resulted in the safe landing of the flight on a river without any casualties or serious injuries.


I most also say that I join the millions of people that applauded the management tactics U.S airways handled the whole crisis, I have learned that for a smooth management of a crisis situation it is important to have an integrated plan, be timely and accessible and most especially share information promptly with employees often and also be able to balance facts with emotions. Generally, I would say that US Airway is truly a model and best description of a good and has a  well organized crisis management plan which is evident in how the crisis was properly managed.


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2 Responses to US Airways Case Study Summary

  1. lilly1989 says:

    I agree that US Airway is truly a model and best description of a good and has a well organized crisis management plan. They also show an experienced flying skill. They really make a miracle for us. I think if a company do wrong things, they should commit their sin and try to do compensation. That is a good way to salve the problem. US Airway just does like this.

  2. kurtcomm642 says:

    It is very rare that a crisis directly involving a company leaves it in better shape than it was before, at least as far as the public image of that company goes. In this case, I think, the company’s reaction in making things right for its customers equaled the piloting skill shown by Capt. Sullenberger.

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