Haagen Daze Honey Bees

Tasha Richmeier

Haagen-Dazes and Honey Bees




Honeybees all across the world have been facing a huge crisis over the past several years and when Haagen-Dazes found out about this crisis they jumped into action to try to correct the issue.  Haagen-Dazes took action because it knew an extinction of the honey bees would lead to catastrophic effects for the whole world because the bees are so important to our environment and to our food source.  Honeybees pollinate millions of plants and flowers and without that pollination we would lose out on many varieties of food.

The crisis faced by Haagen-Dazes and more importantly the whole world was the severe decline in the population of honeybees.  The other problem facing honey bees is that scientists still have no clear cut answer as to why the honey bees are disappearing at such a fast rate.  Scientists from all over the world have been working to find out why they are disappearing but have not been able to pin point just one reason, they believe it is due to a combination of factors.

There are many opportunities in this on going battle for companies to become involved in saving honeybees.  We depend on honeybees to pollinate fruits, vegetables, grains, and flowers.  Of all the pollination that happens in the world bees are responsible for 80%.  This crisis was a huge opportunity for Haagen-Dazes to step up and take the lead in trying to inform the public about the crisis and to put together crisis response teams as well as fundraising efforts.

While Haagen-Dazes in my opinion showed very little if not any weakness it is hard to combat a crisis that you don’t know the source of.  The crisis has been termed Colony Collapse Disorder or CCD, the main problem is bees not lasting a full life span there for creating a shortage of adult bees in the hive.

Haagen-Dazes created an opportunity out of a crisis to help out a species that could soon be endangered and to raise awareness.  I do not truly think people realize how much of an affect honeybees have on so many different food sources.  Haagen-Dazes set out to make this information known and to also gain great brand awareness for themselves and show their customer base that they truly care about the environment and what’s going on around them.

Haagen-Dazs set out to drive sales and increase revenue for their company as well as raise brand awareness and comprehension, and lastly to encourage consumers to plant bee friendly gardens.  In 2008 Haagen-Dazs launched the HD Loves HB campaign.  The first step was research, HD set out to raise awareness, help consumers feel more connected to the brand, and show that HD truly cares about the things going on around it.  The next phase was the planning phase.  During the planning phase HD decided to make consumers more active in the restoration of honeybees as well as become the first national brand to jump on board with an environmental issue and offer it’s support.  HD created a bee board with several specialists from all walks of life. Lastly, HD launched a new flavor, Vanilla Honey Bee, which is dependent on honey from honeybees.  HD committed a share of every carton of ice cream sold to the honeybee cause.

There was a huge response to this outreach from Haagen-Dazs, which lead to their largest single sales spike in a year.  This was seen during the month of April when there was a 5.2% sales increase.  HD has been benefitting from a great public image and knowing that at the end of the day they did something to really help out an animal in need.

I really loved this case study because it is nice to see a big corporation take time to help out something in need and to pay attention to what is going on in it’s surroundings.  The fact that Haagen-Dazs went straight to work with the honeybee initiative is awesome.  No one asked for their help and the crisis was not unmanageable, by HD taking action immediately they were hopefully able to really help the honeybee population and do something good before it got too out of control.  I think the lessons people should take from this company would be to not wait until things are out of control or until someone asks.  It is amazing to see a big business just take action and help a good cause that did not necessarily have a fighting chance before.  I do not believe Haagen-Dazs could have handled this crisis plan any better, I think they were very open and honest with the public about everything they were doing and also called in experts to help them fix the issue instead of just trying to handle it completely on their own.

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One Response to Haagen Daze Honey Bees

  1. lilly1989 says:

    “While Haagen-Dazes in my opinion showed very little if not any weakness it is hard to combat a crisis that you don’t know the source of.“–I completely agree with this opinion. I think if they could not find out the cause for the decline of honey bees, the honey bee crisis is very hard to eliminate. Haagen-Dazes should not be satisfied with their contribution, they should continue finding out the cause.

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